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About Foil Balloons

How long can a Foil Balloon last?

In general, 18in foil balloons can float perfectly around 3-4 days before the balloon starts to deflate slightly. Different size / shape foil balloons float time does varies.

Why does the Foil Balloons looks deflated?

Cold temperature will shrink Foil (Mylar) balloons. Warm temperature will expand Foil (Mylar) balloons. 

*We prepare our balloons in room temperature 26-27 degree Celsius in order to safely transport balloons to destination. If you are experiencing the above mentioned problem, please do the following:

1. Find a thin straw.
2. Untie the ribbon attached to the foil balloon.
3. Slide the straw into the valve and start blowing with your mouth immediately when the straw pass the valve.
4. Quickly pull out the straw when the foil balloons are in desired shape.

Can I leave balloons in the car?

Helium balloons are affected by temperature. Please DO NOT leave them in a hot car or trunk. If they get rained on and start to droop, don't worry – they'll float again when dry.

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